Sunday, July 7, 2013

First drive

After a couple of weeks a lot of small things came together and the first part of the build was finished. Today I drove my electric car for the first time! 

Starting at the beginning, after the last blog I finished up the rear axle. Painted the springs and other metallic bits with anti rust paint just like the rest of the chassis to make sure the whole car will withstand an other lifetime of use. All the rubbers and small parts are still good. I'm thinking about changing the rear springs, especially with the battery pack at the rear wheels. But that's about the only thing that needs to be changed. The car is in surprisingly good condition. 

At home I tested the electronics and found a way to get the Hall Effect paddle working. With a 5v regulator 12v turns into a steady 5v for the paddle that then gives a 0v to 5v signal to the controller so that I can control the amount of power just like with a normal gas paddle. I had some trouble with the paddle not going all the way down to 0v but with the micro switch I was able to get the signal down and I think its a workable solution but I'll have to see when its in the car and running on 72v. 

The last blog showed the drawing of the coupling. A couple of weeks later it was done and just perfect. Milled from solid piece of 7075 T6 aluminium with a bronze bearing for the end of the gearbox shaft for easy alignment. At the side of the engine a key-way was made and the original pressure plate is attached with space for the prings of the plate in the coupling. With special thags to Gerrit Hengelaar! (The other one)

When I got the coupling I started to build the motor support. I've made a box between the engine and the gearbox out of steel with a plate under the engine attached to the front support. Ben welded everything together (many thanks for that ;) ) and then we fitted it to the car and went for a drive! Buy using the original supports the whole assembly is detachable from the gearbox and with the whole the engine including the coupling can be removed as well. Some small supports will be added but for now its in and it works. Because this is the point where old and new meet it was a challenge to work out how to get everything in line and attached properly but I'm happy with the fairly easy solution we came up with!

Now I guess the body can be put back on the chassis with three major things to be done. Fitting electrical parts (controller, paddle, etc), battery pack and paint! It's getting somewhere :)

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